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Scottish Women in Early Modern London

  Dr Allan Kennedy explores what life was like for the Scottish women who made their homes in London during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.  Follow Allan on Twitter at: @Allan_D_Kennedy    Since 2018, I, in collaboration with Professor Keith Brown (University of Manchester) and Dr Siobhan Talbott (Keele University), have published a series of

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Patronage and ‘the general taste for Portrait’: David Allan and the Erskine of Torrie Portrait

  In this guest post, Dr Nel Whiting takes a look at the role of gender in shaping the portraiture of David Allan (1744-96), specifically in his family portrait of the Erskines of Torrie. Follow Nel on Twitter at @nel_whiting   Historical portraits are more than likenesses of people from the past; they are artful

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Spring Poets and Public Parks

  In this guest post, Dr Erin Farley explores how the popular ‘spring poetry’ of 19th-century Dundee celebrated the freeing, invigorating effect of the city’s public parks. Follow Erin on Twitter at @aliasmacalias   For many city residents, especially those in flats or tenements with no garden, our local park has become an essential respite

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