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Welcome to the Centre for Scottish Culture at the University of Dundee

Scottish History

Including migration and diaspora, Highland History, healthcare, deviance, and public History

Scottish Literature

Including early modern ballads and elegies, theatre, Gothic & Romanticism, science fiction, and the Dundee comics industry

Scottish Art

Including film art, illustration, animation, interior design, textiles, portraiture, and the visual culture of Gaelic Scotland

MLitt in Scottish History by Distance Learning

Want to deepen your understanding of Scotland’s history and heritage from home? The Centre for Scottish Culture’s MLitt in Scottish History allows you to study Scottish History at Masters level through world-leading online tuition. You can complete the full MLitt, or take individual modules chosen from a huge range of topics: 13th-century kingship; the reign of Mary Queen of Scots; witchcraft and witch-hunting; Jacobitism; slavery; diaspora; paleography; and many others. Find out more here.

Key Publications by Centre Members

Graeme Morton, Weather, Migration and the Scottish Diaspora
Daniel Cook, Reading Swift’s Poetry
Heather H. Yeung, On Literary Plasticity: Reading with Kafks in Ecology, Voice, and Object-Life
Allan Kennedy Governing Gaeldom: The Scottish Highlands and the Restoration State, 1660-1688
Graeme Morton et al, The Scottish DIaspora