History Scotland Collaboration

The Centre for Scottish Culture and History Scotland are working together to create a series of public lectures and debates known as The History Scotland Lectures. The Lectures will be an ongoing series consisting of two public talks each year, free of charge and open to all and offering insights from leading experts into the latest research on a huge range of topics. The Lectures will travel around Scotland, giving people living throughout the country a chance to get involved and to learn about Scottish history. The Lectures are set to develop into an unparalleled platform for bringing the very best in historical scholarship to the public. For more on the inaugural Lecture, visit the website.

Dr Allan Kennedy, Lecturer in History and Consultant Editor of History Scotland magazine explains more about his role with History Scotland:

History Scotland, which was established in 2001, is the world’s premier magazine on Scottish History, heritage and archaeology. Published on a bi-monthly basis, it brings its readers cutting-edge research alongside the latest news and book reviews. The magazine coverage, running from pre-history to the twenty-first century, is extremely broad, meaning that anybody with an interest in any aspect of Scottish history is guaranteed to find something to interest, enthuse and challenge them in every issue. With a circulation of several thousand per issue, an established social media presence, an expansive website and a range of digital resources on offer, History Scotland is an unparalleled resource from bringing the latest insights in Scottish historical research to the general public.

As Consultant Editor, I am responsible for the overall academic integrity of History Scotland. Most importantly, my role involves commissioning, reviewing and editing the magazine’s main feature articles, of which there are four or five per issue. I am also heavily involved in the magazine’s broader outreach activities; in particular, I judge its biannual undergraduate dissertation prize, and I also take the lead in organising The History Scotland Lectures, an ongoing series of public lectures and debates organised jointly by History Scotland and the University of Dundee Centre for Scottish Culture.

If you would be interested in writing for History Scotland, or would like to learn more about the magazine, please contact me at a.y.kennedy@dundee.ac.uk.