Devolution and Global Governance

In partnership with the Scottish Centre for Global History, the Centre for Scottish Culture will begin a new postgraduate programme in September 2014.

The MLitt in Devolution and Global Governance follows on from Dundee’s successful 5 Million Questions project and will expand on the lessons learned, and the questions still to be answered, from the Scottish devolution process. Whether Scotland commits itself to independence or remains within the structures of the union the experiment in self-rule being conducted in Scotland is extraordinary. The robustness of the civic culture of Scotland, and its institutions, are remarkable. What can we learn from the Scottish experience that can be applied to similar processes in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East? How can the Scottish experiment be sustained and what challenges will politicians, administrators, civil society agents and citizens face in the future? Leading international and Scottish academics and practitioners face these questions in an intensive, practice-orientated, course designed for researchers, professional development and activists.

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