Scottish Heroes and Villains: The First Symposium – Programme

shvm-symposium10am Welcome

Plenary – Professor Graeme Morton, ‘On Wallace’

11am-12pm Panels

Panel A (Baxter 1.36, Tower Building) [chair: Graeme Morton]

Diane Purkiss, ‘Andro Man, Thomas Rymour, and the Witch Trials’

Jayne Baldwin, ‘Mary Timney, The Last Woman to be Publicly Hanged in Scotland’

Panel B (G5, Tower Building) [chair: Daniel Cook]

Ingibjörg Ágústsdóttir, ‘Ruthlessly Ambitious Rogue or Scotland’s Forgotten Braveheart? Contemporary Portrayals of the Earl of Bothwell and his Role in Mary Stuart’s Demise’

Derek Janes, ‘”The Most Treacherous of all the Contraband Tribe” The Smuggler in SE Scotland c. 1750 – 1790’

12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-2pm Panels

Panel C (Baxter 1.36, Tower Building) [chair: Annie Tindley]

Jo. George, ‘John Pikeryng’s Horestes: Teaching Scotland a Lesson’

Lindsay Jones, ‘The Royal Anti-Hero: Mary Queen of Scots in Pikeryng’s Horestes and Shakespeare’s Richard II’

Panel D (G5, Tower Building) [chair: Derek Janes]

Tim Worth, ‘Scottish Villainy and Heroism in Late Eighteenth-Century Satirical Prints’

Murdo Macdonald, ‘Ossian as International Hero’

2pm-3pm Panels

Panel E (Baxter 1.36, Tower Building) [chair: Daniel Cook]

Jennifer Barnes, ‘Cultural Hero: Laurence Olivier as Shakespearean Star’

Chris Murray, ‘”You must suffer me to go my own dark way”: Adaptations of Jekyll and Hyde in Comics’

Panel F (G5, Tower Building) [chair: Glenda Norquay]

Jihan Zakarriya, ‘Otherness, Nationalism and Political Compromise in Contemporary Scottish Novel:  Heroism as a form of Humanistic Activism’

Len Wanner, ‘Heroism in the work of Ian Rankin’

3pm-3.30pm break

3.30pm-4.30pm Panels

Panel G (Baxter 1.36, Tower Building) [chair: Daniel Cook]

Glenda Norquay, ‘Mirroring Villainy: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Last Novels’

David Robb, ‘Robert Louis Stevenson and the Romance of Terror’

Panel H (G5, Tower Building) [chair: Graeme Morton]

Arianna Introna, ‘Unwanted Representatives of the Nation? A Comparative Analysis of the “Missing Scotland” in Scottish Literature and Indyref Culture’

Derek Patrick, ‘On the Duke of Hamilton’

4.30pm-5pm (Baxter Suite, Tower Building)

JOOT read Poetry from The Great War

5pm Book launch and wine reception (Baxter Suite, Tower Building)

Graeme Morton, William Wallace: A National Tale (Edinburgh UP, 2014)

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