Scottish History Quizzes


Our steering-committee member, Dr Allan Kennedy, has created a series of unique Scottish History quizzes. Intended initially to help keep people distracted and entertained during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, these quizzes have built up into a unique resource to test and expand your Scottish History knowledge. The quizzes are completely free for public access via, and you can find links to all of them below.


‘Basics of Scottish History’ Quizzes

These quizzes cover the fundamentals of Scottish History since the 11th century. Perfect for those who want to test their general historical knowledge.

Super Simple

The Essentials

Medieval Edition

Early Modern Edition

Modern Edition

History-Making Women

Mary, Queen of Scots

Rogues and Villains

Kings and Queens

The Jacobites

The Highlands

Just Dates


‘Super-Hard’ Scottish History Quizzes

These quizzes cover extremely obscure information from Scotland’s past. Perfect for advanced quizzers or true Scottish-History experts!

16th-Century Edition

17th-Century Edition


Just for Fun

These quizzes allow you to explore particular aspects of Scottish History by finding out which group or individual you most resemble.

What is your Faction in Restoration Scotland?

Which Scottish King James Are You?

Choose your side in the Scottish Civil Wars (1637-51)

Who are you in the Scotland of Mary, Queen of Scots?